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H is for History
by dennydj
Tag to 1969
Written for sg_fignewton's Time Travel Alphabet Soup
Category:  Gen, Episode tag
Word count:  1072
Summary:  Sometimes history needs a helping hand.
Thanks to marzipan77, gategremlyn, and eilidh17 for their help with this story.

She rang the doorbell and waited, pulling her jacket more tightly around her to keep out the brisk early spring breeze.  The carved oak door swung open, revealing the familiar face of a dark-haired woman in her early thirties.

“Hello, Allison.”

Allison smiled back.  “He’s been asking about you.”

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New Fic: Redux Deux by Denny J

Written in honor of Eilidh17, who is celebrating her birthday!
Title:  Redux Deux
Author:  DennyJ
Category:  Gen, Friendship (those with slash glasses can view it just fine, too)
Season:  Post-Continuum
Rated:  PG
Word count:  2276
Thanks to gategremlyn for the beta and suggestions.

Redux Deux
By Denny J


“No?  You won’t even consider it?”

“I already have, and the answer is ‘no.’”

“At least take some time to think it over.”

“Time is one thing I don’t think I have.”

“I was thinking a few seconds.”

“Seconds?  That’s all you think I have?  I was kinda hoping for minutes.”

“I mean, take a few seconds to think about it.”

“Oh.  Well, consider it… considered.”
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Episode Alphabet Soup: Y is for Yearning

Title:  Y is for Yearning
Author: dennydj
Genre:  Angst, drama
Word count:  3424
Summary:  Episode tag to Forever In A Day
Notes:  Written for sg_fignewton's Episode Alphabet Soup.  Thanks to eilidh17 and marzipan77 for their invaluable help with this story.

He woke disoriented, still tethered to the realm of dreams.  Soft light filtered through the slats of the window blind, enough to discern the familiar furnishings of his bedroom.

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SG-1 fic: The Greatest Gift (Gen)

Title:  The Greatest Gift
Author:  dennydj
Word count:  3125
Rating/Warning:  Gen.  Hanky/Kleenex warning.
Spoilers: none.  Set after Continuum
Written for my good friend, Eilidh17's birthday!
Thanks to Marzipan77 for the beta and suggestions.

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift of life is friendship,
and I have received it.
           ~~Hubert H. Humphrey

Three months.  Turned out, that was a life sentence.

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sg1friendathon: Snake Wrangling 101 (Gen)

Title: Snake Wrangling 101
Authors: dennydj and eilidh17
Word Count: 5,672
Rating/Warning: Rated: Gen. Attempted humor. References to past relationships.
Spoilers: None. Story set just after Daniel descends in season 7
Prompts: Jack and Daniel - A) Do you always have to touch everything alien we find? B) Well this is another fine mess you've gotten us into.

Snake Wrangling 101

Jack wasn't feeling the love. Planet-side for barely two hours, and he was knee-deep in boredom and facing a week more of the same. The UAV had relayed pictures of a dilapidated temple off in the distance, on a world that held no more interest to the SGC than said temple off in the distance. Soil samples were 'unremarkable' according to the geologists, and the infrequent energy spikes Carter had mentioned in her pre-mission briefing were... very infrequent.

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Allies Alphabet Soup: L is for Loss

Title: L is for Loss
Summary: Even in the midst of great loss, there is hope. Takes place during the episode Last Stand
Written for the Allies Alphabet Soup.

L is for Loss

“You can’t heal me, can you?”

“I am still trying, Elliot.”

“It’s taking all of your strength just to keep me breathing.”

“If I can keep you alive until Selmac and Doctor Jackson arrive—” 

“That’s a big ‘if’.” 

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New Gen Fic: Paradigm Shift by Denny J

Title:  Paradigm Shift
Author:  dennydj
Category:  Gen, SG-1, team
Word count:  1300
Warnings:  none
Summary:  Vala's view of 'team' is altered, thanks to Daniel.

“Ow, that hurts!”

“Why don’t you yell a little louder?  There might be some Jaffa who didn’t hear you.”

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Author:  dennydj
Category:  SG-1, Friendship, Future Fic
Word Count:  1573
Warnings:  Character Death (but this is primarily about friendship)
Notes:  The title is from a prayer by Bishop Kenneth Untener

The first one to go was the last one he expected.

It surprised him, both by the unexpectedness of it and by the depth of his pain over it.  He hadn’t lost someone he considered family in a long time.

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Never Leave Your Wingman Chapter 10/10

At Jack’s insistence, Trestin took him to see Daniel. 

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Never Leave Your Wingman Chapter 9/10

There was no welcoming committee when they reached the other side, which was fine with Jack.  He was more than a little nervous about bringing Daniel back here in his ‘condition.’  It was a fear he was trying to deny—that Daniel now had more in common with these people than he did with his own.

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